Manigua Collection
Inspired in the tropical force of nature
that rules over the human will
to control, rule and colonize

more than a place
is a frame of mind”

-Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“Where the Andes
stand tall
and the tropical
rainforest meets
its way down the

“Inspired by the
botanical expeditions of
Mutis and Humboldt”

“Our wallpapers
are hand drawn and then printed on
pulp fiber using water based
non toxic inks”

Meet our first collection under the laced canopy of the rain tree,
lost through the maze of the mangrove, lovesick with the sweet scent of guava,
Under the spell of the jungle, beneath the tropical sky…


Spreading Colombia’s magic through patterns

Created with the desire by two sisters to preserve their childhood memories and the exhuberant nature that surrounded them while growing up in Colombia.