Who We Are

Moye Design house was created in 2018, with the desire by two sisters to preserve their childhood memories and the exhuberant nature that surrounded them while growing up in Colombia. 

The patterns and images are inspired by childhood memories from the Cauca province in south-west Colombia, a magical place where the Andes stand tall and the tropical rainforest knits its way down the pacific ocean. 

Tatiana comes from an art, architecture and design background. She graduated in in Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, and soon after moved to New York City, where she worked at Phillip Johnson & Alan Ritchie Architects. After a quick stop at Parsons School of Design, she joined Eve Robinson Associates and started her career in interior design. After New York Tatiana settled in  Switzerland and worked independently as an interior design consultant, then moved to Singapore where she longed for her home and her roots and she first started sketching the initial designs for our wallpapers and fabrics. She now lives in Northern Italy. 

Maria comes from an economics, finance and social development background. She majored in economics and foreign affairs at the University of Virginia, worked in finance in Washington DC, and thereafter settled in Bogota, working at Fundación Semana, an NGO, leading several peace building and community reconstruction projects, some of which became proven models for economic recovery of post conflict zones in Colombia and Latin America.

When they both lived away, they always found a common ground in yearning their homeland, its nature, its roots, and its magical realism. It took several years and numerous countries to come up with “moye”. Moye´s art translates a feeling of belonging and of magical surroundings, it carries a message of commitment to social development, conservation and positive country building

Moye wallpapers are printed in the United Kingdom with water based, non toxic inks, on certified pulp fibers. These wallpapers are totally recyclable. 

Our fabrics are 100% natural, woven in northern Italy, in Chieri, a region with ancient textile tradition. Throws, cushions and tableware are manufactured in Medellin, Colombia and Torino, Italy, in both cases in small, family owned workshops.