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Moye is the name our family called our beloved grandmother, and the name that our grandfather gave to his coffee plantation in the Cauca province, in the south-west of Colombia.

In such place the Andes stand tall and the tropical forest knits its way down to the Pacific Ocean.

In the central patio and fountain of its tiled roof colonial house, surrounded by coffee plantations and native forest, moye taught us the names and traits of native trees and flowers, and told us stories of mysterious animals that roamed the rainforest just meters away, having us go to bed with our spirits full of awe and wonder.

Our images are inspired in these memories, and in the paintings and drawings of the botanical expeditions of Mutis and Humboldt that travelled Colombia during the 18th and 19th centuries.

In moye, we have translated these feelings and stories into patterns.

Tatiana and Maria

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