Walk the Talk
Walk the Talk


In this moment in time, we are drowned with tons of brands with “faux” facades that do not walk the talk, like its popularly said.

Dressing up was once a matter to spend time and reflection on. All apparel was once chosen and created specially for a client. Now, brands create generic and almost disposable apparel, contributing to the environmental crisis, the exploitation of underpaid labor and the psychological disease of consumerism.

There is still a silver-lining and it lives where artisanal work prevails. Where  the “Savoir Faire” is the result of decades of tradition. SOCKSI is a brand of footwear that walks this talk!

Based in Milan, SOCKSI creates handcrafted footwear  with the best quality suede in an array of rich colours, respecting Italian artisanal tradition; the « Made in Italy » to the core. One can customise a pair with specific measurements and materials or get a piece that is in stock. Footwear of outmost quality and design, pieces that are timeless and elegant in a natural way.

This honest way of creating beautiful products that last, matches MOYE’s values of social, ethical and environmental responsibility.

When two brands have a common point, even if their specialties are different, a feeling of collaboration sprouts. In this case, it flourished as a frisky design that MOYE created for SOCKSI with the gorgeous staple fringes that characterizes the Italian brand and the spirited jaguar ever present in the Colombian brand.

The playful “dance” of the jaguar between the fringes is the graphic image that now stands for SOCKSI.

Check them out ….. and find out more about our shared ideas.  At  www.socksimilano.com

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